5 ways to decorate your home for Christmas this winter

- Wed 24 Nov 2021

Now that the Christmas festivities are upon us, you may have started to think about decorating your home. We have come up with a list of 5 ways you can decorate your home for less this year, so instead of blowing your Christmas budget on tinsel and baubles you can treat all your loved ones to something extra special on Christmas Day.

1- Paper Decorations! Not just a money saver but a festive activity that all the family get involved in, especially when it’s a rainy winter day in December and you are looking for the perfect cosy activity. All you will need is a pile of white paper, scissors and some ribbon. You will be able to find lots of origami tutorials online, in case you fancy trying something a little trickier than a snowflake.

2- Another festive activity, that again the whole family can get involved in on a Sunday walk around the woods…foraging! Grab a bag and get outside and you will find plenty of fallen foliage that will make wonderful table decorations. Just remember to not let anyone eat the berries!

3- You can repurpose old fabric scraps to make your very own handmade stocking. If you aren’t handy with a sewing machine, fabric glue will make this a super quick and cheap stocking that you can hang on your fireplace year in and year out.

4- If you have any extra baubles laying around, grab them along with a hot glue gun and make a simple and impactful wreath for your door. The best decorations to have around your home are the meaningful ones, think of when you can get your handmade wreath out each year to hang on your front door with pride, able to look back on the fond memories of making it with your family.

5- Fairy lights in your garden! You don’t want to forget all aspects of your house when getting in the festive spirit, fairy lights are an easy and cheap outdoor lighting solution. Remember though, the more lights the higher the electricity bill!

Whether you create all 5 or have a go at just one, you will still be able to save some money over the festive period as well a tying it in with some creative activities with your family.