4 top tips to make the most out of your garden this spring!

- Wed 12 Apr 2023

With the temperature slowly increasing, days becoming longer and hopefully some sunnier evenings and weekends on the way, now is the perfect time to get into the garden and start planning on the changes you can make to ensure your garden is appealing. Whether you are planning on a move and want to impress others or simply enjoy your garden this year.

  • Start with the grass. The first few cuts of the year can show up any areas that may need attention. Perhaps you have some bare patches that require some seed, or your pets have a favourite spot they have been visiting that may need some repair. If you are laying seed down, ensure you have something to protect the area from unwanted visitors that will soon pinch all the seed. Usually some netting supported by some sticks/canes will suffice. If the area you’re seeding is much larger you may want to add some mini scarecrows or some homemade deterrents – old CDs on sticks are supposed to work well.
  • Make your garden bigger! Perhaps that should read ‘make your garden appear bigger’! It is often the case that by simplifying a garden it can appear bigger. If you have a variety of different areas within your garden or perhaps you have let the boarders get out of control, by simplifying them (cutting them back and taking out any unwanted new additions) your garden will not only look tidier but start to feel more spacious. Perhaps you would like more lawn for the kids to play so removing any areas of chippings, decking or paving can make the garden feel not only bigger but provide some additional lawn to enjoy.
  • Adding some colour to your garden. You can add colour in a number of simple ways, without needing to change the footprint of the garden, you can place a number of hanging baskets around – attaching them to fence posts is the simplest way. If you are a little braver and you wish to create some flower boarders/planting areas then it is important to think about what type of flowers/plants you want and what conditions they require in order for them to thrive. Pick an appropriate location with plenty of sun/shade, mark out the size of the area you wish to convert, decide whether you require any boarders to separate the planting area and plant away!
  • Make your garden easier! Instead of adding more elements to your garden, perhaps you are seeking less maintenance and more time to spend in the garden. One of the most popular changes to reduce effort in the garden is the addition of composite decking. Whether you wish to replace any existing wood decking or want to create a decked area, composite decking comes in all colours and can provide a lovely area to enjoy without the hassle of maintaining it!

We hope the above ideas have inspired you to get your garden prepared this spring to make the most out of it this summer. Or, if you are preparing your home to sell please do get in touch with one of Bradleys Estate Agents 30 offices throughout Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. We would be delighted to assist you in your next property journey.