Bradleys Commercial Department was set up as a natural extension to the residential agency side. Clients, who had sometimes sold or bought their homes through us, often had commercial property to sell and wanted to use a local agent that they knew and trusted. We were able to fulfill this criteria and bring our expertise to assist in the sale or letting of their property.

We conduct appraisals all over the South West covering most types of commercial properties and businesses, such as guest houses, bed and breakfasts, restaurants as well as shops, offices and industrial units.

We are confident, that our marketing is one of the strongest amongst commercial agents. Our structure is such, that we are not only able to market a property, where required, locally, but also from our city offices in Exeter and Plymouth as well as nationally and globally through the various commercial property websites that we employ.

This marketing, along with our extensive database and our own commercial website, ensures that our clients receive the maximum exposure and therefore the greatest chance of selling swiftly.

Bradleys have sold a huge diversity of commercial property over the years, from an independent school set in acreage, to a basement sound studio under a pavement.

We are fortunate that, being a large company, we have a wealth of expertise in a variety of disciplines to call upon. At the same time, however, we would like to think that we ensure that a high level of personal service is provided.

We are always keen to offer advice when requested and so if you have any questions on commercial property, why not give your local Bradleys office a call or contact our Customer Service Team.

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