When letting residential accommodation, it must be accepted that a speculative venture is being undertaken and, as such, it is essential that steps are taken to effectively eliminate as many risks as possible. We at Bradleys Estate Agents will be delighted to manage your property and take worries from your shoulders.

We are the leading provider in the region for quality service to landlords and tenants alike, with staff training and the right people in the right job all geared towards a successful letting from beginning to end.

Our highly trained and experienced staff are backed by computerised efficiency with all the latest technology at their disposal. Through ARLA Licensing and dedicated central property management, Bradleys provide a highly professional and comprehensive letting service.

Demand for quality, competitively priced, rented accommodation is high at present. At Bradleys we offer a free rent assessment to advise you of a realistic rent and give specific advice relating to your property as necessary, as well as outlining the many legal responsibilities required of you as a Landlord, providing practical assistance accordingly.

Prospective tenants will be accompanied to your property following an initial interview to establish their suitability in the first instance. Should the applicant wish to proceed with a tenancy, we will instruct Rightmove Landlords & Tenant Services, an independent and established tenant referencing company, to carry out all reasonable steps to thoroughly research their background, including ‘right to rent’ checks as part of the Immigration Act, prior to the signing of a tenancy agreement.

Central Administration

Your local sales and lettings office will take care of the marketing of your property and undertake all tasks requiring local and personal representation throughout.

However, in support of our local office staff is an experienced team of property managers based at Bradleys Head Office. The head office team have nearly 150 years of specialist property and lettings knowledge between them.

Here’s what they do...

Move in team

The Move-in Team

This team carries out thorough and independent reference checks of your proposed tenant.

They ensure all the relevant administration is in place and correct before your tenants take up occupation.

For example, they will ensure the agreement appropriate to the proposed tenancy is executed, arrange safety certificates (as applicable), collect the required completion funds, and liaise with gas, electricity & water companies, as well as council tax offices once the tenancy has been granted.

Property Maintenance

Maintenance Team

Inevitably maintenance issues will arise with your managed property.

Our maintenance team has collated a comprehensive list of approved contractors, service providers and engineers holding professional credentials who are able to deal with a wide range of problems as reported.

Each approved subcontractor is expected to adhere to a service standards agreement set by Bradleys, so we may ensure quality of service.

Our maintenance team will liaise with you, as required, where maintenance issues are reported.

Bradleys have a simple on-line issue reporting system for tenants. This easy to use system, bradleys.fixflo.com, enables a tenant to provide a comprehensive and accurate account of their issue, in 40 different languages. Bradleys can in turn accurately report to you and an appropriate contractor to resolve the problem

Accounts and Arrears Management Team

Accounts and Arrears Management Team

Using the very latest rentals accounting technology, this team will provide you with monthly statements of rents and expenses (for your managed let).

They will pay contractors' invoices or service providers' accounts on your behalf, as and when required.

In the unfortunate event missing rent payments are identified or arrears ensue, they will discuss the late or missing payment with tenants and use their best endeavours to resolve the matter amicably.

In the rare event this is not possible, they will draft and serve statutory notices upon your tenants, having first sought your instructions on the matter.

Vacate Team

Vacate Team

When notice is received or served to end a managed tenancy, the vacate team liaise with all parties to ensure that any issues are minimized on move out day.

They will compare the move in Schedule of Condition with the one undertaken at move out, to ensure the property is surrendered in a suitable condition.

In the event there are proposed deductions from the tenants deposit, they will seek to conclude the matter swiftly to the satisfaction of all parties and in accordance with deposit scheme guidelines.

If agreement cannot be reached, they will provide support and guidance to refer the matter to an independent case examiner for arbitration.

This is a small insight into the complex and diverse field of residential letting, which is governed by an increasing amount of legislation.

With our specialist knowledge, experience and dedication, Bradleys endeavour to make your experience of being a landlord as trouble free as possible.

Meet the team that make up Rentals Property Management...

  • Nick Edwards

    Nick Edwards
    Compliance Manager and Property Management

  • Jade Higham

    Jade Higham
    Property Management/Arrears

  • Thomas Johnson

    Thomas Johnson
    Property Management

  • Emma Royston

    Emma Royston
    Move In's - Team Supervisor

  • Sophia Dart

    Sophia Dart
    Move In's

  • Mark Beckett

    Mark Beckett
    Move In's

  • Alicia Watts

    Alicia Watts
    Move In's

  • Kyah Andrews

    Kyah Andrews
    Move In's

  • Tom Graham-Peet

    Tom Graham-Peet
    Office Manager and Vacates

  • Jared Brand

    Jared Brand

  • Shannon Beverley

    Shannon Beverley
    Maintenance - Team Supervisor

  • Sally Bell

    Sally Bell

  • Tia Purchall

    Tia Purchall

  • Shar Pye

    Shar Pye

  • Andy Hawkins

    Andy Hawkins
    Company Secretary

  • Christine Smith

    Christine Smith

  • Jane Patterson

    Jane Patterson

  • Sara Gilchrist

    Sara Gilchrist

  • Rachel Hiland

    Rachel Hiland

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