The most common question that we are asked by vendors is “Under what circumstances would I sell my piece of land, home or business premises through auction rather than by private treaty disposal?” A good question. One that’s asked many times.

The object of your estate agency is to achieve the highest price possible in a given market place within a defined timescale. Where there is a perceived high demand for a particular type of property, or where value of an asset is difficult to value or the vendor requires a quick and certain sale this is where a disposal by auction comes into its own.

It is a fair and open process for the vendor and the buyer; and with those properties in high demand, avoids the less favourable practices of gazumping or a Dutch auction, gaining the vendor the best price in the market place and a sure conclusion to the sale.

Examples of typical auctionable properties are those that require renovation, sometimes building plots that are in high demand as there are so few of them, a piece of land located between two neighbours where both are interested, or indeed where the value of the property is difficult to assess because it is unique. Typically it is an asset where we identify that there will be a large demand either because of what it is or because of the sales price

The majority of Bradleys property auctions are carried by means of the modern day method of online auction. We typically sell over 100 property or land assets a year using this method and are currently achieving a 90% + conversion rate in 2019 well above the national average. Please click on the prompt below to access all of our available property available at this time.

If you are interested in any opportunity whether it be just to watch a property auction, learn more about this style of auction or to bid on a property please register when you click on any property listing. Alternatively please read our handy guide below


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