5 ways to make your garden appear bigger on a budget

- Wed 31 May 2023

This spring, it has been highlighted that having a larger garden space is one of the most desirable aspects to a prospective buyer. The relationship between garden size and house prices has recently been analysed, revealing that buyers are paying around £424,000 for an average 1,200 sq ft house with a large garden compared with £260,000 for one with the smallest garden.

With this is mind, we have outlined below five keys ways you can get the maximum amount of money for your home by making your garden appear bigger, whilst on a budget.

  • 1- Play around with perspective! By playing around with perspective in your garden, you can trick your eye into thinking it is bigger than it is. If you have a long narrow garden, you want to make your eye travel around the space and not just down to the end. To make a narrow garden feel wider, focus on angling things off-centre so you move your eyes side to side. This can be achieved through the orientation of your paving and creating a focal point on one side.
  • 2- Stick to brightly coloured flowers – Deep green trees or dark-coloured flowers may look beautiful in the right space, but if you’re wanting to give the illusion of a larger garden then avoid these colours as they can make the space feel more enclosed. It is important to not overcrowd the small space when planting your bright flowers so you don’t overwhelm the space. To add dimension to your garden, place taller plants and flowers at the back and smaller ones at the front.
  • 3- Using furniture that is too big for the garden instantly makes the space feel smaller than it is because it limits the area around the furniture to move around and use. Garden furniture ideas which are too large overwhelm the space and reduce the number of different zones you can create which is useful for creating the illusion of a bigger garden.
  • 4- Illuminating your outdoor space if not only practical but is sure to wow any potential buyer that visits your home, and make the garden appear bigger. You can also consider dusk till dawn lights, which conveniently provide light without pressing a button, using photocell sensors that detect natural light levels.
  • 5- You’ve heard the phrase smoke and mirrors? Create the illusion of extra space with simple garden mirror ideas. Mirrors are great for making any space look bigger and your garden space is no different. A large feature mirror will give added size, or even consider putting mirrors along the whole length of a wall to double it.

As the above pointers prove, limited space doesn’t mean limited options. There are plenty of options to make your garden appear bigger which in turn will allow you to get the best price possible for your home.

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