7 Essential tips (and Mistakes to Avoid) for successfully selling your home

- Wed 31 Jan 2024

At Bradleys Estate Agents, we understand the emotional journey as well as the practical steps involved when selling your home. With there being a lot to consider in the process, we have created 7 essential tips to help you navigate this path with ease and success.

1.       First impressions are lasting impressions

Always think about the first thing viewers see when they arrive at your property, and always think the driveway, garden, and front door are more than just an entry; it’s your first chance to show off your home. A well-kept exterior not only looks appealing but speaks volumes about the care given to the rest of the property. So, spruce up that front garden, add a touch of paint where needed.

2.       Don’t leave clutter on show

While a clean and tidy space is inviting, remember, a home empty of all personality might feel cold and uninviting. Strike that perfect balance – show off the space, but let the hints of a lived-in, loved home shine through. “People want to see the bones of the property” to envision their future in your current home.

3.       Selling a home, not just a house

Remember, you're not just selling a property; you're selling a potential home. Make it feel welcoming. If it's chilly outside, let the warmth of your home greet potential buyers. Walking into a warm house shows the viewers how toasty your home gets.

4.       Embrace the season

Your home should reflect the time of the year your selling in. If it's summer, showcase how your garden becomes an extended living space. Let buyers feel the life that can be lived in your home, season by season.

5.       Don’t renovate right before coming to the market!

Big renovations before selling can be a gamble. Focus instead on necessary repairs and minor updates. These small touches can make a big difference without breaking the bank. You want to enhance your home, not give it a costly and potentially unnecessary facelift.

6.       Pets – out of the spotlight

We love our furry friends, but not all buyers will share that sentiment. Pets can be a distraction during viewings, so it’s wise to keep them out of the way. Remember, you're showcasing your home, not your pet!

7.       Showcase your home's highlights

Every home has its crown jewel – be it a sunlit kitchen or a cozy study with a view. Make sure these areas are not just well-maintained but highlighted. They could very well be the feature that seals the deal.

Avoiding these common mistakes and embracing these tips can significantly increase your chances of a quick and satisfying sale. With over 30 years’ experience of successfully selling and letting homes across the West Country, if you are considering selling or becoming a landlord, contact your local branch via the link below.

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