A delightful evening with Hospiscare!

- Wed 20 Mar 2024

On Thursday 14th March, Joe Keep, Manager of Bradleys Honiton, Josh Shirley, Manager of Bradleys Taunton and Lucy Lee, Marketing Assistant from Bradleys Exmouth attended the Hospiscare 40 Club awards evening at Winslade Manor.

The 40 Club was created in 2022 when the charity reached their 40th anniversary, which provided the opportunity for 40 local businesses to commit to all raising a minimum of £1,000 each in a 12-month period. These businesses are helping Hospiscare care for over 2,500 terminally ill patients and their families across Exeter, Mid and East Devon.

Hospiscare were pleased to share at the event that £115,000 has been raised by the 40 Club members, ensuring they can continue to deliver end-of-life care for local people living with terminal illnesses. The audience were told of heart-warming stories from past patients at Hospiscare, including messages from loved ones, truly showing how much Hospiscare did for them at their end-of-life.

A story shared from Phil Samson really pulled on the heartstrings “What I thought was a place to go and die but I hadn’t realised it was a place to live”. Phil unfortunately got diagnosed with cancer and passed away September 2023 – he shared his end-of-life experience with everyone to show his appreciation for the charity but to also raise awareness that Hospiscare should be protected at all costs! “It’s a place to go and get respite through your journey – I have come out better for the experience. The quality of the organisations, nursing, gardens, food, ambiance, and atmosphere is spectacular – they work as hard as they can to get anything you would want”.

Bradleys Estate Agents are extremely keen to continue to participate in sponsored events, such as fun runs, charity walks, cake sales, bingo, quiz nights and much more! Lucy commented; “It is a huge pleasure to be involved in the 40 Club. They give so much to local communities we have worked in and around for many years. We have been inspired by Phil’s heart-warming video and we are eager to start organising more events to raise more money throughout the year”

To watch Phil’s message, follow the link below.

Phil's video

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