Are you looking for a quick sale?

- Wed 08 Feb 2023

Have you recently thought about selling your home but wished you had put your property on the market earlier?

Maybe you’ve found the perfect home and need to find a buyer for your home quickly?

Are you marketing your home currently with little or no interest and have lost hope of moving anytime soon?

Perhaps you just need or want to move quickly for a job move or financial reasons?

Whether your reason for seeking a quick sale is listed above or you have another reason, now is the perfect time to take action and at the same time benefit from the increasing confidence from buyers that are active in the property market.

There are a number of options when it comes to selling quickly and depending on your personal situation, will determine which option is best suited to your situation, although let’s have a look at the most popular options and see if they are worth investigating further;

Modern method of selling:

Bradleys Estate Agents have the solution to a quick transaction via our modern method of sale through online auction. There hasn’t been a better time to take advantage of our online auction format, a quick, no nonsense sale with a fixed date to sell and move. The average time from marketing launch of your property to completion is between 40-50 days, subject to the buyers financial position and ensuring a completed auction pack being available when you launch, which we can help arrange for you.

By offering your property at an attractive asking price to generate maximum enquiries and then drive interest levels upwards. This will instantly gain more interest than a standard open market property and in turn resulting in your property obtaining its highest possible value.

You can monitor the interest online as our website will record in real time the number of buyers watching your property and the bids made during the marketing process.

Due to an auction pack (legal documentation) being prepared in advance, buyers should carry out their research prior to placing a bid/offer and then if successful are able to meet the set deadline to exchange and complete the transaction. Buyers will also be required to place a non-refundable payment to secure exclusivity to purchase the property.

Realistic pricing:

This may sound really obvious however, the lower you set your asking price, the more interest your property will receive. There are always buyers looking for an attractive purchase.

When looking to market your home, many estate agents will focus on gaining the best price by setting the highest asking price and convince you this is the only way to do so. There are many reasons why setting the price lower and either requesting for ‘Offers Over’ that price or even setting it as ‘Guide Price’ that like with an auction, you attract the buyers and then entice them to compete against each other to identify the most attractive offer.

It should be noted that the highest offer isn’t always the best offer and we at Bradleys Estate Agents will qualify each offer, identify potential timescales and assess the likelihood of the timescale you require being reached by each person.

Informal tender:

Essentially this is a more formal method of selling than what has been described above, where the sellers agree to set a realistic ‘Guide Price’ however, at the same time set a tender deadline where all offers must be submitted before the deadline.

Similarly to any other offer, it is vitally important that each interested buyer that has offered is qualified and assessed by us (or your chosen estate agent) and their ability to proceed and achieve the timescales you would like.

All tenders are then presented and supporting information for the sellers to identify which is the most attractive offer to them to take forward and accept.

With all of the above, the one common theme is the realistic and attractive pricing of the property, which will ensure you gain maximum interest when you start marketing publicly. To then help the sale exchanging and completing the contracts in a swift manor will be subject to whether you are legally prepared. This requires instructing a conveyancer at the outset and starting the conveyance as early as possible, again something that we at Bradleys estate Agents will be able to help with and can discuss the details of at the appropriate time.

Regardless of your situation, the sooner we discuss your potential sale and learn about your desired timescales, the quicker any one of Bradleys Estate Agents 30 branches across Devon, Somerset and Cornwall will be able to help you achieve a successful move.