At Bradleys the computer says yes!

- Tue 01 Apr 2014

So many things are coming together all at once at Bradleys that we as a company are about to take a massive stride forward. In the last 7 days our fantastic new website has gone live with many ground breaking features. Our Customer Services team are now taking full advantage of our new telephone system by taking offices overflow calls and this has resulted in picking up many extra appointments which may have been lost when offices were already dealing with high levels of business, that is in addition to dealing with 2,500 on line enquiries every month. We have been upgrading all of our computers and last week saw the final 'lightning fast' machine installed in the final office. Another mammoth task completed and another enhancement to be able to deliver a better service. At Bradleys the computers say yes! We are being featured in a BBC2 show on Estate Agents which will be aired for the first time on Wednesday the 9th April at 8.00. Please see an extract from the Radio Times below for an idea of what the programme will be about.

Under Offer, Estate Agents on the Job About to hit the screens.

It would have been easy to make this series a lot less kind. A different production company or a different channel might have gone for the jugular and made the world of estate agents look naff – it wouldn’t be hard to play to our preconceptions of divs in tight suits making a fast buck.

But Under Offer is more interesting than that. Take Exeter estate agent Lewis: “I’m like a David Brent-esque manager,” he announces. We see him in his car shrieking along to a Muse song, trying a bit too hard to bond with his underlings, and debating whether to call his new son Finlay or Finley – or maybe Stryder? And yet in the end he’s likeable, and his efforts make a real difference to a young mum moving house.

So, because the series empathises with its characters, rather than stitching them up, we care. Well, you may find you care rather less for Mayfair-based Gary, who comes across as a grandiose creep – but he’s documentary gold.

About this programme

1/6. New series. Documentary offering an insight into the UK's varied property market, following estate agents around the nation as they go about their daily work. Gary Hersham is in charge of selling a £39million town house complete with eight bathrooms, private gym and cinema in Mayfair, west London, while it's a very different world for Lynne Blaney in Spennymoor, Co Durham, where houses can start at auction for £1. In Exeter, novice agent Lewis Rossiter is trying to balance the needs of his pregnant wife with a demanding client, and veteran Dave Simms deals with two couples competing for the same Birmingham bungalow.

Francis Marshall says, “What will be really interesting for the British viewing public will be their ability to see how they judge these agents on screen and then compare them with their allAgents ranking. My bet is that the public perception will match the allAgents ranking which will further enhance the reason why every agent should care about what their customers think about them and make sure that customer service is the number one priority”. See the Bradleys reviews and ranking on the Estate Agents review site at

If you like the sound of the developments going on at Bradleys and if you like the tone of the reviews you have read from our previous customers and are interested in selling your current property put our Customer Services Team to the test, ask them for a free valuation and see why Bradleys were awarded the title of the Best Sales Agent in the Country for Customer Service last year. Contact Customer Services at they are open until 10.00 at night on-line or just give them a call on 01395 224800

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Francis Marshall - Bradleys Managing Director

Francis Marshall
Bradleys Managing Director