Autumn Statement hardly inspiring, although not all over yet for the over 60’s!

- Wed 29 Nov 2023

While the recent 8.5% increase in pensions is a positive development, we understand that many pensioners still struggle with the challenges posed by rising costs of living, including inflation impacting essentials such as food and energy. For those with outstanding mortgage balances, the impact of higher interest rates further adds to these financial pressures.

With the Autumn Statement not boasting much in the property world, might it be worth looking at the Homewise Home for Life Plan that is designed to help the over 60s?

At Bradleys Estate Agents, we recognise the importance of providing viable solutions for individuals facing such concerns. That's why we want to highlight the Homewise Home for Life Plan, specifically designed for individuals aged 60 and above. This unique plan offers an alternative that comes with numerous advantages for those seeking a secure and suitable home.

With the Home for Life Plan, you have the opportunity to secure a property of your choice that may better align with your preferences and energy efficiency needs. Additionally, it allows you to address outstanding debts, including mortgages, thereby providing financial relief and freeing up additional funds. This newfound financial flexibility can significantly enhance your retirement lifestyle.

If you are over 60 and curious about the potential savings the Homewise Home For Life Plan could offer for your next home, we invite you to explore Homewise’s quick calculator at Home for Life Plan Quick Calculator | Homewise

Discover how this plan can make a positive difference in your retirement journey.