Billie passes the Negotiator stage of the Bradleys Academy!

- Fri 22 Dec 2023

At Bradleys, we believe it is essential to continue developing our skills to ensure we be the best we can be, whilst also progressing each staff member by helping them reach their career goals.

In order to do this, we have created our own in-house training programme consisting of 8 stages made up of assessments, coursework, and experience. This may include trips to other office to learn and obtain the knowledge and expertise of a Bradleys specialist. Each staff member must pass each step of the programme before moving on to the next.

Billie Crofts, a Negotiator from our Sidmouth branch has recently passed the Negotiator stage of the Bradleys Academy. Ben Morgan, Sidmouth Branch Manager commented "I’m delighted for Billy, she works extremely hard and takes pride in everything she does for our customers to ensure they experience a successful move. It’s a real pleasure to see team members reach their individual goals, and with our internal training programme, it allows each individual team member the opportunity to develop their skills. Billy is a real asset to our team, and I look forward to seeing her career grow and develop further here at Bradleys."

If you are keen to work at a company that are always looking to develop our team members’ careers and skill sets. Check out our careers page to see if Bradleys could be your next career step.