Book your Mortgage Consultation via video call today!

- Tue 22 Dec 2020

Following the first lockdown in March the Mortgage Team at Bradleys ensured they were quick to adapt to the situation by carrying out all their appointments via a telephone call, or as would quickly become the norm, via a video call!

The use of video calling software has not only increased following the popularity but since March an estimated 60% of the population have used video calling once this year. An incredible 87% of people choose to use video calling now than anytime in the last 2 years.

We as a nation are becoming more comfortable, more efficient and effective from a business perspective but are also able to reunite family and friends, not just in the UK, but all over the world using this modern technology. David Lewis, Principal of Bradleys Financial Management, commented "We quickly recognised in March that we would be able to use video calling instead of the more formal face to face meetings with our customers. There is no doubt that almost everyone I speak with has used video calling in one way or another and so feel comfortable to use it to discuss their mortgage options, although we are still happy to conduct telephone appointments too should people prefer it. For most it is easier as customers are able to schedule a video call in their day more easily than a visit to a town centre office location, a win –win all round."

Bradleys award winning Mortgage Team have advisors throughout the region and submit hundreds of applications involving Help To Buy, re-mortgage applications, Forces mortgage applications as well as guarantor applications and many more. If you wish to speak with one of the team call their team today on 01392 222391 or visit our mortgage page for more details.