Bradleys 10k was a fantastic success!

- Wed 27 Sep 2023

On Sunday 24th September, the very popular 10k race on Exmouth’s Sea front was a great success as over 300 runners took part in the Autumn race! The drizzly weather didn’t stop the runners, the sea front was filled with supporters cheering everyone on as LM Events go into their sixth year of the event.

As soon as it hit 9am the runners were off to a fabulous start. As they all started to head up to Orcombe point, before coming back and looping around the flagpole through the full length of the beachfront. Then coming back around and doing it all again for their second lap, then successfully finishing right outside the Octagon Ice cream shop as a scrumptious reward.

The top 3 runners all finished the race with impeccable times, finishing in 1st place was Chris Murphy with a very impressive time of 35:38, second place was Jonathan Pickup with another quick time of 35:45 and George Graham very close after finished at 35:53. The quickest lady to finish the event was Claudine Benstead in a time of 41.48. A massive well done to all runners finishing in the top 3 and huge congratulations for everyone that participated and finished the race!

The popular event is highly likely to be back again in 2024 so keep your eyes on our social pages to find out more details.

If you want to find out all the results simply follow the link below.

click here.