Continued success through the Bradleys Academy…

- Wed 28 Feb 2024

Following on from recent Bradleys Academy success, Freya Drew, from Bradleys Estate Agents Taunton Branch has recently passed the Trainee Negotiator stage of the Academy.

At Bradleys, we recognise the importance of ongoing skill development to maximise our potential. We are dedicated to the progression of each staff member by helping them reach their career goals.

Each member of staff must pass each step of the programme before moving onto the next. The training programme consists of 8 stages made of assessments, coursework, and experience. This may include trips to other offices to learn and obtain the knowledge and expertise of a Bradleys specialist.

Josh Shirley, Manager of Taunton office, commented “It’s been a pleasure to see Freya not only aim to complete the next stage of the Bradleys Academy but also strive to develop her career further using the tools needed to be the best Estate Agent in Taunton! Freya is a huge asset to the Taunton office, and I look forward to seeing her career grow and develop here at Bradleys.”

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