DIY Christmas decorations for less!

- Wed 14 Dec 2022

Now that the Christmas festivities are upon us, you may be thinking about ways you can decorate your home this year. We have come up with a list of 5 ways you can decorate your home for less, as we find ourselves in a nation-wide cost of living crisis, new decorations aren’t on the top of everyone’s list so what a better way to get creative with your families whilst also saving money.

  • 1- Photo baubles! Not just a money saver but a festive activity that all the family get involved in, especially when it’s a rainy winter day in December and you are looking for the perfect cosy activity. All you need to do is gather old family photos and cut them into a circular shape with a hole pierced at the top to thread ribbon through and hang off the tree. An activity to reminisce over old memories whilst creating new ones with your family.
  • 2- Another festive activity, that again the whole family can get involved with is a Sunday walk through the woods…foraging! Grab a bag and get outside, you will find plenty of fallen foliage that will make wonderful table decorations. Just remember to not let anyone eat the berries!
  • 3- If you have any extra baubles laying around, grab them along with a hot glue gun and make a simple and impactful wreath for your door. The best decorations to have around your home are the meaningful ones, think of when you can get your handmade wreath out each year to hand on your front door with pride, able to look back on the fond memories of making it with your family.
  • 4- If you have started to think about wrapping presents, instead of buying new gift tags this year – why not make the most of the Christmas cards you received last year? Cut the card in two, so the front of the card you received is still intact, write your message on it and stick it on to the present you are giving. A cost effective and environmentally friendly way of adding an extra touch to your presents this year and remember, make sure you save all your Christmas cards so you can do the same next year!
  • 5- Paper decorations! All you will need is a pile of white paper, scissors and some ribbon. You’ll be able to find lots of origami tutorials online, in case you fancy trying something a little trickier than a snowflake.

Whether you create all 5 or have go at just one you will still be able to save some money over the festive period as well as tying it in with some creative activities with your family.