Do not miss the next Bradleys 10km run!

- Wed 23 Aug 2023

On Sunday 24th September, the very popular Bradleys 10k Autumn run will be taking place on Exmouth’s seafront going into it’s sixth year!

The race will be following the same route as the as the usual race in spring took place. If you are just getting into running or have been a runner for a while, with the route being the exact same in spring it gives you the best chance to improve your PB or just to look back at how much you have improved in over half a year!

The race starts from the seafront, with runners heading up to Orcombe point before looping around the flag pole and heading back along the length of the beachfront with another turning point being made, bringing the runners back around to start their second lap.

Make sure you sign up by clicking the link below! On the Sunday morning with the fresh sea air, an ice-cream or something fresh and fizzy at the end waiting for you, what more could you ask for!

Sign up by clicking the link here click here.