Do you know how to access your Energy Performance Certificate?

- Wed 18 Jan 2023

With further increases in energy prices due following the government’s current cap on prices, which ends in March, now is the time to be more aware of not only your energy use, but also ways that you can save money by being more energy efficient.

Before you take any action, do you know how efficient your home currently is?

By simply accessing the government database you can search your current home, or that of a home you are considering moving into, and by entering some basic information accessing your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) providing one has been created. All properties that have been sold or let since 2008 should have a registered EPC.

The EPC will offer useful information including suggestions on how to improve the current rating and the associated costs of carrying out those improvements as well as the expected gain by doing so. If you are thinking of selling a home, you will require an EPC and therefore you may want to investigate any potential improvements to attract buyers, who are becoming increasingly aware of a homes energy rating.

If you are looking to let a property then you must ensure the rating is above an ‘E rating’ or you will not be able to legally let the property, unless an exemption is in place. There are also proposed plans from the government to increase this from an E rating to a C rating by 2025 so it will make sense to plan ahead and potentially invest in any improvements sooner rather than later.

If you are looking to move and would like more information around the subject of energy ratings and EPC’s feel free to contact any of our teams across the region who would be delighted to help with any moving plans and to explain further about EPC ratings.

In order to access your homes EPC, simple follow this link