Family Income Benefit

- Wed 11 Oct 2023

This Policy provides financial security & can be used to cover any regular financial commitments that clients have, in the event of the death of a policy holder.

It pays out tax-free instalments, until the end of the policy term, which can be suited to a client’s individual needs and circumstances, for example, until a youngest child leaves university and will therefore no longer be financially dependent.

Whereas a life insurance policy that pays out a lump sum can be used to clear a mortgage, this benefit can be used to help continue your lifestyle as well as contribute to bills such as water, electric, gas as well as nursery bills, school fees etc. In a sense, the income almost replaces the wage of the person that has sadly passed away.

Do you have dependents that rely on your income to keep a roof over their heads, to be clothed, fed and watered; as well as attend clubs, activities and hobbies?

If the answer is yes, get in touch to discuss how a Family Income policy could benefit you and your family.

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