Find out the most popular way to find an Estate Agent!

- Wed 23 Nov 2022

Everyone has different expectations when researching an Estate Agent to sell their home, especially as we find ourselves faced with the current hardships of living. Those looking to sell their homes are more likely to want to get the very most out of their agent, to get the best price for their home in a timescale that suits their needs.

With this being said, we thought we would outline the most popular ways to research Estate Agents based on the summary of the Home Moving Trends Survey for home buyers and sellers in 2022. This is the largest property survey across the country with over 10,420 people that have moved within the last 12 months, mainly from across the South West and South East regions, so a perfect insight into what trends home movers are following in the West Country specifically.

From the survey, we can see that 42% of potential sellers’ main methods of research is to visit the agent’s website. A fantastic starting point for home owners to go in order to see the current stock of the agent, their main methods of marketing as well as their core values as a company that will be shown through the efforts of their teams. All in which are persuasive indicators to whether you want this agent to value your home in the first instance.

Moving on from that, online customer reviews is another great indicator to how you may find their service. The survey tells us that 28% of recent home movers left a review about their selling agents and 20% of people chose an agent based on their reviews. Proving that reviews really do have a significance on choosing the right agent as there’s no better recommendation than an honest review on someone’s personal experience.

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