Finding affordable meal options with your children this Easter…

- Wed 27 Mar 2024

We would like to share some financially-friendly food options where your children eat for free or as little as possible over the Easter break.


Breakfast: Start Your Day Right at Morrisons -

Beginning on March 25th through to April 14th, Morrisons are offering a breakfast deal to kickstart your day. Simply head to your local Morrisons cafe and “ask for Ellen" to enjoy two delicious, toasted crumpets with butter and jam absolutely free to enjoy by children and adults!

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Lunch: A Budget-Friendly Feast at Ikea -

When it comes to affordable dining, IKEA is always a reliable option. For just 95p, kids can enjoy a meal of mac and cheese, a soft drink, and a piece of fruit. It's a nutritious and delicious lunch option that won't break the bank.

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Dinner: Family-Friendly Dining at Asda -

Take a trip to Asda for a budget-friendly dinner. Kids can enjoy a meal at Asda cafes for just £1, with no additional spend required from adults.

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With these fantastic affordable options available at Morrisons, IKEA, and Asda, you can enjoy delicious meals without putting a strain on your budget!