Fun and affordable activities for this Easter weekend!

- Wed 05 Apr 2023

This year, it’s more relevant than ever to keep costs down due to the current economic crisis we find ourselves in. With Easter weekend around the corner, we have gathered together a list of activities you can do with your little ones that are affordable as well as keeping it fun over the holiday weekend!

  • 1 – Get baking! You will be surprised with what delicious treats you can create with what you have in your cupboard already. If you have a bit of flour, margarine, and sugar you can make cheap vegan biscuits using this BBC Good Food recipe. Or, if you are looking for something a bit more chocolatey, find whatever cereal you have in the cupboard (ideally rice crispies, corn flakes or shreddies), melt whichever chocolate you have and add all of this with some butter, margarine or oil into a mixing bowl and you have created mini chocolate nests – enjoy!
  • 2- Create your own Easter egg hunt. It wouldn’t be Easter without your kids running around rummaging for chocolate eggs. Usually, organised Easter egg hunts can be pricey so why not create your own? You know the drill: hide eggs in your home or garden and set your kids free to hunt for them. A pack of chocolate eggs can be expensive (the cheapest we spotted was a small pack for 85p in Aldi), so you might want to craft your own eggs from things you already have in your cupboards or about to be thrown in recycling. If you are looking for some inspiration, click here.
  • 3- Make your own Easter crafts! Creating your own crafts is also a fun activity to do with the kids and Easter time is the perfect opportunity. BBC Good Food has some fantastic ideas for kids like marbled decorative eggs and salt dough Easter decorations. You could also do junk modelling. Challenge your children to create something from kitchen rolls, egg cartons, milk cartons and cardboard boxes which you have around the house. You might just have a creative genius on your hands.

We hope the above ideas have inspired you to get creative this Easter weekend, if you do try any of the above activities, please do tag us in your post on social media – we would love to see!