Futureproof your kids' bedrooms: from tot to teen

- Mon 08 Jan 2024

As a parent, you want to create a bedroom for your child that is not only a cosy place for their current age but also a space that can evolve with them as they grow from a tot to a teen. We have come up with some tips to create a versatile and adaptable bedroom that can easily transition through the years, creating a futureproof bedroom that your child will love at every stage of their childhood.

1. Choose a colour palette

Opt for a neutral colour palette for the walls and major furniture pieces. Soft greys, creams, or pastels can work wonderfully. These colours serve as a blank canvas, allowing for easy updates with accessories, bedding, and wall art as your child's tastes change.

2. Invest in adaptable furniture

Select furniture that can grow with your child. Consider a cot that converts into a toddler bed and eventually into a single bed. Look for dressers that are sturdy and classic in style, and shelving units that can be reconfigured or repurposed over time.

3. Maximise storage solutions

Ample storage is key in any child's bedroom. Use under-bed storage boxes, over-the-door organisers, and multi-functional pieces like storage benches. As your child grows, their storage needs will change, so opt for adjustable shelving and wardrobes that can be rearranged.

4. Create a dedicated play area

Incorporate a play area that can be adapted as they grow. For toddlers, this might be a soft mat area with toy storage, which can later transition into a desk and study area for a school-aged child.

5. Incorporate flexible lighting

Good lighting is essential. Include a combination of overhead and small lamps. A dimmer switch is a great addition, allowing the room to transition from a bright play area to a calm, evening wind-down space.

6. Use removable wall stickers

Instead of committing to wallpaper or a particular theme, use removable wall stickers. These can easily be switched out as your child's interests evolve, and they're a great way to add a touch of personality without the permanence.

7. Select age-neutral fabrics and textiles

Choose durable, easy-to-clean fabrics for window treatments, rugs, and bedding. Avoid childish themes and instead opt for patterns and textures that have a more age-neutral appeal.

8. Encourage personal expression

Allow your child to have a say in their room's design. This could be through the art they display, the colour of accessories, or the style of bedding. This not only makes the space more personal for them but also easier to update as their preferences change.


9. Plan for Technology

As your child grows, their interest in technology will change. Plan for this by incorporating easily accessible power outlets and consider cable management systems to keep cords tidy and safe.

10. Think Long-Term with Flooring

Choose a flooring option that is durable and easy to maintain. Hardwood or laminate floors with an area rug can be a practical choice, as rugs are easier to replace or clean as needed.

Creating a bedroom that grows with your child is not just about smart furniture choices; it's about crafting a space that adapts to their ever-changing needs and tastes. By following these tips, you can design a room that is both functional and flexible, ensuring it remains a beloved space throughout their childhood years.

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