Get to know Neal from our Bradleys Financial Management Team!

- Tue 31 Jan 2023

Bradleys Estate Agents offer a wide range of services, including their mortgage team who are specialists in their field and are proving to be more popular than ever.

We have put together a series of questions for the Bradleys Financial Management Team to answer so that you can get to know them even better, this week we have asked Neal Carr, Bradleys Financial Management Mortgage Advisor the following questions…

  • 1- What’s your role in the Bradleys financial management team and what does that involve? Mortgage adviser. Meeting people looking to buy a property and remortgage, giving advice and arranging the mortgage application.
  • 2- When did you start working for Bradleys? 16th January 1996 at 8.30am
  • 3- Why should someone contact you to discuss mortgages rather than elsewhere? Whole of market advice from an experienced adviser who will explain jargon in an easy to understand way.
  • 4- What do you find rewarding about your job? Getting a thank you when someone moves into a house they really wanted.
  • 5- What is your favourite thing to do outside of work? Go on holiday
  • 6- What is your favourite food item? Curry
  • 7- Where is the place you would most like to visit in the UK? Isles of Scilly.

Bradleys Financial Management can help with your mortgage related enquiries whether that be on the phone, face to face or a video call. With a team of experienced specialists, there will be someone able to help with your enquiry. Neal and the team at Bradleys Financial Management are contactable on 01395 222391.