Going the extra mile in Looe!

- Wed 05 Mar 2014

Wow, it's very wet and windy in the South West and it's been going on for a while. There are some adverse circumstances but life also goes on and in the business of selling and letting property and all related services you might expect things to slow up. Not on your Nelly! The market is strong and the buyers are very serious. One office that springs to mind is our Bradleys Looe Office on the South Cornish Coast. Looe has had some flooding brought on by the combination of southerly gales, torrential rain and spring tides and the result was the harbour walls were breached and the sea poured into the main street. The photo shows the sea in the street and in fact inside our office. It takes more than a bit of water to put a good agent off their stride and I can confirm that on the same day as this photo was taken the Looe team of Niki, David, Jacqui and Ella agreed the sale of a penthouse apartment with lovely sea views. A good agent will never let anything come between themselves and doing a good deal for their customer, let alone a bit of sea water! So well done Bradleys Team Looe for putting the customers first even in the most extreme of circumstances.

If you are a seller or thinking of selling your own property I am sure you would also want to know you were going on with an agent who would show this dedication to delivering great service combined with the right result no matter what tried to get in the way. It's easy, just go to allAgents.co.uk and look at Bradleys great ratings, there is no better indicator of an agent who goes the extra mile to deliver the best service, although hopefully we won't have to contend with the sea coming through the front door again to prove it! You can bet that there will be other challenges to be overcome so make sure you chose an agent who has a history of delivering the service even when the going get as tough as it did in Looe.

If you are thinking of visiting the South West then don't be put off by what you see on TV, they are just showing the very worst incidents, the whole area is open for business and is still one of the most beautiful parts of our country. The pasties are still hot and the walks are spectacular and David Cameron has just visited to promise extra help to return us all to normality as soon as possible, we look forward to seeing you.

Francis Marshall - Bradleys Managing Director

Francis Marshall
Bradleys Managing Director