Happy New Year from Bradleys Surveyors

- Wed 03 Jan 2024

2024 can only be an improvement in political and economic terms on the years 2000 to 2023.

Could anyone in 2019 have predicted the Ukraine/Russia war, the Israel/Gaza conflict, raging inflation, the cost of living crisis, the turmoils of Brexit, four prime ministers, and most likely Trump and Biden once again fighting it out across the pond in the US elections?

And how will the property market do?

I see no reason why 2024 should not be a year of settling down, consolidation and sorting itself out. Prices are not likely to do much but with interest rates and inflation dropping, and a few tax incentives from the government before the election, most likely there will be a busier market than in 2023. Prices will still be important, and if you are thinking of moving now, putting your house on the market in January can get some good results when there is not so much coming on the market. And it is a quieter time for surveyors, so getting that all important survey carried out, there won’t be a delay.