Here To Help You Move Home During Coronavirus

- Tue 26 May 2020

Here at Bradleys, like many estate agents across the UK, and just like you at home, we’ve adjusted to the ever-changing lockdown measures and what it means for our daily lives.

Whilst this may have been challenging for many of us, it has also been a time to adapt, overcome and look forward to future changes and life goals.

For many, the thought of moving home during the Coronavirus pandemic may have been the last thing on minds, but, for others, it has been a great time for reflection and preparation.

As the property market thaws from the government implemented big freeze, the latest property news sees an increase in buyers looking to move to more remote and rural locations.

So, while many have found themselves with more time on their hands, now is the perfect opportunity to be researching the market and identifying what it is from that perfect home that you might find yourself daydreaming about. Take advantage of the time you have now and get in contact with local agents to understand what options might be available to you.

Time to reflect

No matter your circumstance, these unprecedented times have allowed us all to take stock and think about what it is we want from our future. Even before Coronavirus limited us to our houses, flats, and cottages, our homes have always been our place of respite, and an outlet for us to portray our personalities; our homes have always said a lot about who we are.

When you are looking for that forever home, you want it to provide safety, peace, and a solid ground for which you can build upon your future. In the words of Robert Jenrick:

"Because a home is more than just four walls. As we have found more than ever during this crisis, it is a sanctuary, a form of protection, and a link to your community."

The worldwide lockdown has changed what people value, what they seek and how they wish to live out the rest of their lives; a lot of this begins in the perfect home, your own personal sanctuary.

With once busy schedules and what seemed like never-ending social commitments, our homes weren’t where we spent most of our time; sometimes that means we weren’t able to identify if this was the home for life that we all seek.

For many of us, the lockdown has seen us asking ourselves those big life questions; and perhaps now is the time to start answering them.

Are you thinking about relocating? We work with landlords, tenants, sellers, and buyers; our award-winning branches could help you identify what it is you’re searching for. Why not give us a call today, to see how we could get you started!

Moving later in life

As we become older, it seems like the right time to be answering these questions; talking to friends and family, researching ideal locations, and identifying what it is we want from our homes.

The global pandemic, whilst uprooting many of our lives, has given us great time to reflect and research where the best place for us and our families may be.

Key considerations you could be making are finding the ideal location, deciding the right property size, searching for outside spaces, accessibility, local amenities, and seeking out that all important community spirit and support – let us help you.

There are plenty of resources to help you kick off and refine your search, including Rightmove and Zoopla . If you need some help navigating these sites, so you can filter the aspects you’re specifically looking for, this easy to follow guide makes filtering your results quick and simple.

If you are moving later in life and are over the age of 60, have you considered a Lifetime Lease option for your new home?

We work closely with Homewise, a family run company who could help you clear long-standing debt, secure an inheritance for family members and release you from monthly repayments, all whilst helping you find that dream home.

Just like us, their mission is to help people find happiness and security from where they choose to settle. Together, we can help you navigate through the home-moving process, which at times like these can seem ever more daunting than usual.

Here for you

With the market reopening, now is the perfect time to get searching for that ideal property and location; we can help you from this very point. We’re on hand to get you on the move. Our expert agents are available to answer your questions, discuss your options and put you in contact with retirement specialists, such as our partners at Homewise.

Our phone lines are opening during usual hours, and we are here to identify what your dream home might look like. In line with the new government guidelines, we’re re-opening your local Bradley’s safely and steadily, so whilst we might be busy in the interim, rest assured we will always get back to you.

Contact us today, so we can get your move off to the right start.