Is it time for a change?

- Wed 16 Mar 2022

If you are aged sixty or over and considering a change of location or maybe changing the size of your property or perhaps both, then let us help you. You could increase your budget to find the perfect property, in the ideal location whilst also creating savings too!

If now is the time that you are planning your last move, research is essential to know that you are going to be in the right location but also aware of all your options to be able to make your last move, your dream one! You could secure the perfect property for up to 59% less than the market value with a lifetime lease from Homewise, not sure what that is? Carry on reading…

Homewise is a family run business and have been helping people find the right home for their future since 1971. The Home for Life Plan is a Lifetime Lease, which enables you to save on the cost of your next home. You pay a one-off amount, that’s less than the market value, to live in a property of your choice, without any rent or repayment, for your lifetime. When you pass away or move into care, some or all of the property’s value will return to Homewise or our investment partners, how much depends on how you choose to set up your plan.

Get in touch today with one of our 30 Bradleys Estate Agents branches across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset to request a free, no obligation valuation on your current property. We will be here to not only sell your property but to also make sure we find you, your forever home. Try the budget booster today and see how much you could look up to by clicking here!