Life policies have changed.

- Thu 14 Dec 2023

Compare a modern life policy to an old one and you will find they have changed. These days insurers will add a number of benefits to a life policy which will help you diagnose an illness or give you expert online help. These benefits are often free and give you access to expert advice without having to visit your own doctor. Helping Hands gives you access to an online doctor or nurse should you, your partner or children have an immediate health issue. Global Treatment for a small monthly cost allows you to access international facilities, doctors, and treatments all around the world. Digi Care gives you an app to help you prevent, detect, and manage health and wellbeing problems. Private diagnostics for a small monthly fee gives you and your children quick investigations into cancer, cardiac or neurological conditions. Speak to a Bradleys mortgage adviser to discuss in more detail – give them a call today on 01395 222391.

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