Making a move to downsize this Spring?

- Wed 17 Apr 2024

As the seasons change many homeowners find themselves contemplating a change in their living situation. For some, this means contemplating a downsizing journey, a decision that often accompanies a desire for simplicity and reduced maintenance. At Bradleys Estate Agents, we understand the considerations that come with downsizing, particularly during this time of the year when the market experiences a surge in the purchase of apartments and bungalows.

Why downsize?

Downsizing isn't just about moving into a smaller space; it's a lifestyle choice that offers numerous benefits. Whether you're looking to free up equity for retirement, seeking a more manageable property, or simply someone who wants to simplify their life, downsizing can be a strategic move as well as a largely beneficial one.

The Appeal of Apartments and Bungalows

This time of the year witnesses a notable increase in the demand for apartments and bungalows, and for good reason. These types of properties offer a range of benefits perfectly suited to the needs and preferences of downsizers. Over the last few years, we have noticed across Devon and Cornwall in particular that there has been a surge from people in retirement age purchasing bungalows in the Spring to Summer period. But what’s the reason…

1. Convenience: Apartments and bungalows typically require less maintenance compared to larger homes, making them ideal for those looking to simplify their lifestyle without sacrificing comfort.

2. Accessibility: Single-level living in bungalows or apartments with elevator access can be particularly appealing to those with mobility concerns or those looking to future-proof their living arrangements.

3. Location: Many apartments and bungalows are situated in desirable locations, offering easy access to amenities, transportation, and vibrant community spaces.

4. Affordability: Downsizing often translates to reduced housing costs, whether through lower mortgage payments, decreased utility bills, or reduced maintenance expenses. Apartments and bungalows frequently offer a more affordable housing option without compromising on quality of life.

Navigating the Downsizing Process

At Bradleys Estate Agents we are here to lend a helping hand to buyers and sellers to navigate the downsizing process with ease and confidence. With over 30 years’ experience we are the largest independent agent across the South West and have dealt with all types of moves, including the large variety of downsizing situations.

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