5 Things to do before you sell your home

- Wed 25 Mar 2020

1. First Impressions Count!

Ensure your property looks inviting from the outside. This will of course be important for your online marketing impression as well as the many potential buyers that will drive past to take a look at the property before booking in a viewing appointment. Make sure your frontage is well maintained, windows and doors are clean and paint isn’t peeling, any trees or bushes are pruned.

2. The small things count!

Make sure all light bulbs are working, any cracks and chips are filled and painted and all fixtures and fittings are in good order- for example no wobbly door handles! Little things like these can be off putting to a buyer and ensuring they are all done will give a positive feel to the buyer when they are imagining themselves living at the property.

3. Make the most of each room!

Present each room in the best light and start by taking one room at a time. Remove unnecessary bulky furniture as this may make the room appear smaller. If it is particularly dark then you may need to look at redecorating to white or a very light shade to help make it more attractive. In general, any room that is white or a light neutral shade will be well received.

4. De- Clutter

Don’t wait until you move house to do a big clear out, do this before you market your property. Clear out cupboards, remove coats and shoes from hallways, clear kitchen sides and cluttered corners, don’t have too many ornaments and pictures on every cabinet. Buyers like to see the potential a property has and what ideas they can bring, a minimalist clean space will allow them to do this. If this means filling your garage or shed then it will be worth it.

5. Don’t leave out the garden!

Make sure your garden is well maintained neat and tidy. Ensure your lawn is not overgrown and trim any bushes and hedges that are creeping in on the lawn space. This will make your garden appear a little larger and more attractive. Clean patios and decking spaces and ensure all furniture is positioned in a sunny place in the garden so that they can imagine themselves dining al fresco or having a coffee on a sunny day. In good weather you could dress your garden with cushions on outdoor chairs or outdoor rugs and plant pots on decking areas.

You are ready to put your home up for sale! Remember to let as much natural light into each room by opening blinds and curtains before your viewing appointment. Dress your house, plump up and arrange your cushions, neatly fold your throws and place small house plants in bare corners and maybe even some fresh flowers in a vase. This will make the property appear more homely and welcoming to a buyer.