Stuart Succeeds at the 3 Peaks!

- Thu 12 Jul 2018

A massive well done to Stuart Randalls our Mutley Plain Manager who on Friday the 6th July flew to Glasgow and made his way along with 6 others to the tallest mountain in the UK; Ben Nevis, to start the first of the Three Peaks challenge -with all three to be climbed in 24 hours!

No easy feat…. Their guide for the challenge, Duane gave the crew a reality check on the 3 hour drive from Glasgow to Ben Nevis, informing them that this was his 54th 3 peaks challenge and out of the 53 prior to them, only 2 groups had ever made it down within the 24 hours.

Stuart and the group started climbing Ben Nevis at 13:30 on the Saturday afternoon and completed Ben Nevis in 4 hours 38 min. There was no time to stop to take a breath as they were on the clock they had to jump on the mini bus and drive 6 hours to the Lake District to start climbing Scafell Pike at 11:43 in total darkness, only the head lamp to provide light up the steepest of the 3 mountains! The team completed this mountain in 3 hours 44 mins.

The final leg of this huge challenge was a drive to Snowdon, 5 hours in total, to climb and descend the last of the three, which was supposed to be the easiest of them all on an individual level. Having had no sleep at this point for 23 hours and the temperature around 28 degrees, this proved to be the hardest. The team hit the summit in 2 hours 10 mins but took them 2 hours 30 mins to get back down. This mean they completed the challenge as a group in 23 hours 5 mins, an hour off pace but the lactic acid, blisters and black toenails really took their toll, however it was done 55 mins to spare.

Stuart commented “I’m hugely proud of myself and the team that went on this adventure. Afterwards we drove to the lake at the bottom of the mountain and had one of the most relaxing swims of our lives. A huge sense of pride and with close to £5,000 raised.”

Hugs from Henry is a Plymouth based charity that supports families affected by childhood cancer, neuroblastoma from diagnosis, through treatment and post. The Hugs From Henry team aims to grow the charity to be able to support hundreds of families who are forced to deal with neuroblastoma across the United Kingdom.

Photos from the challenge

Photos from the challenge

Some photos from the challenge

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