Take a look at the top 3 home buyer trends right now!

- Wed 30 Nov 2022

Whether you are a potential home buyer or are thinking of selling your home, it is always good to be aware of the current trends in order to both get the maximum price for your property and understand the most popular trends when it comes to buying a home!

Property website, Zoopla, have carried out a survey diving into the types of property attributes buyers are prioritising right now, with over 2,000 responses Zoopla were able to highlight the below top 3 home buyer trends.

Firstly, size matters. The responses to the survey outline that all buyer groups were broadly aligned in terms of preferred property type; the bigger, the better (cost permitting). Semi-detached and detached homes were the most sought-after homes with the post pandemic demand of more space still high as 70% of respondents want at least three bedrooms. It was noted that for buyers to achieve this they are taking advantage of the equity built up in their homes during the months of lockdown.

Secondly, energy costs are a hot topic right now across the country. As we see energy costs rise this drives buyers to look harder for more energy efficient homes with 70% of home buyer responses stating that an EPC rating was a consideration when buying their next home. There are various ways to help improve an EPC rating, whether minor changes including energy efficient light bulbs and insulating your loft to more expensive options like upgrading the boiler. While we know that currently an EPC rating has little effect on the price of a home this may change as we head into next year and it may be an idea to look at improving your EPC rating should you be thinking of selling.

Lastly, outdoor space is always a winner. After the pandemic we saw outdoor space as a feature for those wanting to move and is still a key consideration for buyers recently surveyed with 84% saying they want a garden. However this is nothing new as outdoor space has been a long term requirement for many well before the pandemic. This is becoming increasingly popular to accommodate vegetable/produce beds, herb gardens as well as the increased number of dog owners that need a garden for their new addition to enjoy.

If your home has features that tick the boxes of the top 3 home buyer trends right now, it may be the best time to think about your next home moving journey in order to maximise the price of your current home and therefor find your next dream property. Bradleys Estate Agents are equipped to not only assist you in the sale of your home but find you your next one, also providing you with access to the whole mortgage market through Bradleys Financial Management team should you be looking to assess your options. Contact your local Bradleys office today and find out how we can help you with our complete property service.