The Lewis Effect

- Wed 16 Apr 2014

Now the first episode has aired the whole country has seen the star of the show will end up as Lewis from Bradleys in Exeter. Lewis is not featured in this week's episode but will be back again in episode 3. The effect of being featured on the show created a spike in Bradleys website, where the normal traffic more than doubled on the Wednesday evening. Valuations to the group have increased and there have been many requests for Lewis to become personally involved.

I am delighted that Bradleys have been seen so positively through this exposure, I have total confidence in Lewis' professionalism and I knew his true character and good heart would shine through. He is totally devoted to his role as Manager of our St Thomas Branch and is exceptionally proud of his allAgents ranking both nationally and within Bradleys. Lewis has taken on board my philosophy that the way to succeed is to work hard and give a good service, he does both of those things in abundance and that is why he is so successful. We aim to care for and support our staff and we all treat each other like family at Bradleys, which will become clear in future episodes, where I gave full access to the cameras to attend 1:1 Meetings, Managers Area Meetings and whole of company functions so we are going to lay Bradleys bare to the nation to see what really does go on behind the scenes as well as on the coal face.

In previous blogs I have discussed the new technology we have put in place. Well, that was in the nick of time as it has all been put to good use with increased business resulting from our increased profile from national exposure. In particular our Customer Services have noticed an increase in on-line enquiries, which they answer right up to 10.00 at night, and they have been able to take overflow calls to ensure all calls from the surge in business are getting answered and actioned properly.

One quote about 'Under Offer' was Lewis was in danger of changing people's impression of estate agents. I am hopeful that by the end of the series we will have achieved that by demonstrating not only why we are ranked so highly on the allAgents tables but also that we are decent people who genuinely care about our customers and will go to extraordinary lengths to make their dreams come true. Hopefully that will have a very positive effect for the industry as a whole as well as just Bradleys.

If you would like to use the Bradleys service to sell or rent your property and you have been impressed by what you have seen then please contact to arrange a free valuation or if you prefer give them a call on 01395 224800. I can't promise you Lewis outside of Exeter but I can promise you someone who is equally devoted to delivering you the same high standard of service and the same effectiveness in gaining the result you desire.

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Francis Marshall - Bradleys Managing Director

Francis Marshall
Bradleys Managing Director