The Rise of the Self Builder!

- Sun 02 Sep 2018

Quietly and over the last 10 years the number of self build homes developed has risen annually to represent, in 2017, an estimated 7 to 10% of all new builds in the UK. Despite this startling fact the UK lags most of its European partners where in some countries 80% of new builds are self build!

Leaving this aside the revolution in self build in this country is well underway and has been heavily endorsed by the Self build and Custom housebuilding Bill which gained royal assent in 2015. Indeed, since 2016, local authorities have to make enough serviced plots available via planning to meet demand although this requirement has been interpreted in different ways by area to area. Teignbridge District Council however have fully endorsed this new initiative and most larger new homes site consents within their jurisdiction have to include a number of self build plot opportunities.

In a rare display of joined up thinking central Government via the Treasury has also created some excellent tax breaks for those who want to self build. These take the form of negating VAT on materials and labour for the construction of a self build to dropping the normal development tax (CIL) normally payable on all new homes built.

Bradleys E.A see a continual rise in the self build trend and have taken the opportunity to integrate this as a separate identifiable service within their portfolio of the Bradleys complete property service

On the 8th and 9th of September Bradleys E.A. will be represented at the major South West Self build and design show at Westpoint near Exeter. They will have on offer a wide range of self build plot opportunities from as little as £90,000 to over £300,000

Advice available to plot buyers will include financing, different self build processes, and planning. Bradleys will also be available to advise land owners on the potential for their land holdings whether it be a large rear garden that may be sub divided, to a plot with existing outbuildings, to a much larger site on the edge of town or a village. For those who can’t attend the self build show please contact Bradleys Land and new homes at: Tel 01395 223336 Email:

Chris Baxter - Bradleys Land & New Homes Director

Chris Baxter
Bradleys Land & New Homes Director

01395 223336