Tips and FAQ’s for buyers

- Tue 16 Mar 2021

Whether you have been looking for a home for a long while with no luck or have just started your search, we have put together some useful tips and FAQ’s to hopefully make the move to your dream home that one step closer and the buying process as smooth and stress free as possible!

How do I register with Bradleys?

You can register your property search on our website by completing an enquiry form with your requirements and details on or you can contact your local Bradleys office and tell us exactly what you are looking for so that we can keep you informed of any new properties that come to market, before they go onto Rightmove and Zoopla! Our 30 offices have a linked company database so that you are able to arrange multiple viewing appointments and obtain properties details from multiple offices if you are looking in more than one area.

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How do I know if I have already registered with Bradleys?

You can check if you are registered by contacting us so that we can quickly check our database using your postcode or surname. This will be able to check if you are registered at any of our Bradleys offices. If you are registered and have provided us with an email address, you should be receiving property details to your email of all new properties we have on the market that suit your requirements. If you find the properties we are sending you are not quite right, contact us to amend your search slightly to make sure we know exactly what you are looking for.

How do we arrange to view a property we like?

You can arrange a viewing appointment by contacting us by telephone, email, online booking request, completing an online enquiry form or online chat via our website. Please be aware, we are adhering to the government guidance regarding Covid restrictions on viewings. If you are not yet registered, we do require some information from you for security purposes and to double check your buying position and affordability before we meet you at the property. We will liaise between you and the vendor to find a suitable time to accommodate your viewing appointment. This is a completely free service.

What happens if I can’t make a viewing?

We understand that things crop up and we would simply ask that you contact us immediately and inform us so that we in turn can inform our clients at the earliest possible point and re-arrange our diary. Even if it is at the last minute, please contact us to let us know and then we will hopefully be able to re-arrange an alternative time that is more convenient for you to view the property.

How do I know if I can afford to buy a property?

This will require all buyers to have a deposit and to have an income. The best way to find this information out is to arrange a no obligation consultation with one of our Mortgage Advisers who will be able to talk through the process and will be able to tell you how much a mortgage lender will let you borrow. We offer a remote appointment service via various video calling platforms to discuss your borrowing ability, which makes it easy and convenient. It is important to know this before going any further to avoid wasting time and also to give you a better understanding of your budget to ensure you are definitely looking at properties that are affordable.

Take a look at our Mortgage Advice page for more information;

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Can I view a property that is advertised as sale agreed?

This will vary depending on the property and what has been agreed with the parties involved. If you particularly like a property that is advertised as sale agreed then please contact us and at the very least we can make a note of your interest and contact you should anything change. We may also have similar properties or properties in the same road coming to market, and failing that can keep you in mind if we go to a value a similar property that we think you may like!

What is the best way to make an offer?

You can make an offer at the viewing, after the viewing on the telephone, in the office or even by email. If you know the property is in high demand and there are multiple viewings at a property, we advise you put your offer forward sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment. We will need various information in order to put the offer forward in the best light to the sellers, therefore if you are considering making an offer it is probably best to discuss this with us before doing so. We will put every offer forward promptly and then support the offer by confirming it writing to both parties.

How do I know how much to offer on a property?

This will depend on how much you like the property and of course how much you can afford. There are no set rules about this but some general advice would be to offer what you feel it is worth to you. If there is a lot of interest in the property you may not want to risk losing the property and place a full asking price offer forward. Some sellers will be more open to negotiation than others whilst some maybe a little more sensitive about receiving a low offer but our friendly staff will be able to discuss this with you.

We hope this article has been useful to you regardless of what stage of your home search you may be at. Our friendly teams we will be delighted to assist you with viewing appointments, mortgage advice or even if you have a few more questions we may not have answered.