Top 5 tips for moving day!

- Wed 19 Apr 2023

It is commonly known that moving can be stressful, both the build up to moving and then the day itself, which is probably where it reaches fever pitch! We thought we would compile 5 simple tips to help you out and hopefully make your move a little easier on the day.

  • 1. Don’t forget the cups and cutlery! Whether you prefer tea/coffee, perhaps just a glass of water or cordial, regardless of your preferred drink, you’ll need mugs/glasses/drinks bottle to ensure you can remain hydrated and refreshed. Along with this, keep some cutlery and maybe some plates to hand so you can grab a bite to eat and keep your energy levels up.
  • 2. Phone chargers at the ready - With everything boxed up in the back of the van or even in piles of boxes stacked in your new home, the last thing you need to is to be hunting for your phone charger should your battery about to run out. Keep your charger in the car/van and to hand for those important calls.
  • 3. Tool box essentials - In addition to having your tool box to hand for any furniture assembly or similar requirements, make sure you add a few simple items such as tape, batteries, torch and gloves. You never know whether the stop cock gets stuck, or the drain cover won’t lift through to not having a light in the attic, keeping a variety of extras in your tool kit, could prove invaluable.
  • 4. Keep your cleaning box close - You will no doubt walk into your new home and at some point that day need to lay your hands on your cleaning box. Whether it is created by the move itself or dare we say that the previous owners left it in a less desirable state, keeping your marigolds, surface cleaner, bleach, cloths, sponges and wipes all close to hand will prove to be a winner.
  • 5. Moving home checklist - We often hear that people utilise the help of the internet by downloading a moving home checklist to prepare for the various stages of moving home, whether it be utility suppliers and meter readings through to informing the council and registering on the electoral roll. Keep your checklist on your phone or if you printed one out, keep it close to check any final bits to tick off and complete to round off your move.

Whilst there are plenty of things to remember on one of the most hectic days you’ll experience, we often hear of home movers that simply forgot or wished they had been told about the above points so this will hopefully save some of you from the same fate.