Understanding UK Energy Bills and Saving Money

- Fri 15 Mar 2024

We understand the importance of making greener choices at home, whether it's to lower energy bills or to reduce carbon footprints. Energy efficiency is key, and understanding how much energy a property consumes is crucial for both homeowners and renters. Energy usage is measured through Energy Performance Certificates (EPC), ranked from A to G, with A being the most efficient.

Average Energy Bills:

A recent Rightmove energy bill analysis showed the data below of properties listed for sale or rent that revealed a clear correlation between energy efficiency and lower energy bills. Below is a summary of the average annual energy bills across different property types and EPC ratings:

Property Type

EPC Rating B

EPC Rating C

EPC Rating D

EPC Rating E

EPC Rating F

EPC Rating G

1-bed flat







2-bed flat







3-bed terraced house







3-bed semi-detached







3-bed detached







4-bed semi-detached







4-bed detached







5-bed detached








How can you save money?

Understanding your properties energy efficiency and taking steps to improve it can lead to substantial savings. Small changes like adjusting boiler flow temperature and utilising curtains can make a noticeable difference. Additionally, investing in smart thermostats or better insulation can further reduce energy consumption. Consider larger changes like solar panels or heat pumps for significant long-term savings and environmental benefits.

Is there support available?

While government support for energy bills may vary, certain groups may be eligible for assistance. Grants and schemes exist to aid with the cost of green improvements, such as insulation or boiler upgrades so it is definitely worth checking!

Future outlook -

Energy prices fluctuate due to various factors, but forecasts suggest a downward trend in prices. However, global events can impact the energy market, leading to potential price fluctuations.

Typical Household Usage: Ofgem estimates that a typical household in England, Scotland, and Wales uses around 2,700 kWh of electricity and 11,500 kWh of gas annually.

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