Guidance notes for attending a rental or sales viewing

Thank you for arranging your viewing with Bradleys Estate Agents. In order to facilitate a safe viewing for all parties please take time to read the guidelines below. They must be adhered to at all times throughout the appointment. If there is a problem conforming to any of the guidelines below please contact Bradleys before the viewing can take place.

If you have any symptoms of Coronavirus or are shielding a member of your family or indeed self-isolating then we cannot attend the appointment at this time.

If arriving at the viewing by car, bike etc please make sure that your mode of transport is not parked on the premises you are viewing. Please ask about parking requirements when arranging the viewing.

  1. All viewers attending the appointment must be suitably protected with face mask and gloves. No hand shaking or human contact can be allowed.
  2. No more than two adults to attend the viewing. No children under 16 to attend
  3. At all times please observe the 2 meters social distance rule with anybody else involved with the viewing. This may take some thinking about especially when in the house and in smaller rooms such as the bathroom or narrow hall ways.
  4. Please allow time for the Bradleys representative to meet you after making sure that the premises are safe and free of any other people.
  5. Whilst viewing the property please do not touch any surfaces or close, open doors. All doors should remain open during the viewing
  6. By all means ask questions about the property whilst attending the viewing. It is likely that the Bradleys representative will ask for feedback on the property before you leave
  7. The agent will follow up your viewing as well within 24 hours

Should circumstances change between arranging the viewing and the actual viewing please make contact with us to discuss further.

Thank you for taking the time to read these guidelines.

Contact us to find out more...

Contact us to find out more...