Guidance notes for attending appointments

If you have tested positive yourself for Coronavirus or are showing any symptoms of Coronavirus then we cannot attend the appointment at this time.

With the increase in people testing positive for Covid 19 we would like to highlight the requirements to attend an appointment to ensure we prioritise everyone’s safety:

  1.    We ask all parties wear a mask (unless you provide proof of exemption).
  2.    Use hand sanitiser before and after the appointment.
  3.    Visitors are politely asked to not touch items within the home they are visiting people’s homes
  4.    We request that no more than 4 viewers attend an appointment. Should you wish more to attend, please contact the office beforehand to make a request.
  5.    If home owners can ensure as many doors remain open to avoid people having to open/close them prior to any appointments.
  6.    By all means ask questions about the property whilst attending the viewing. It is likely that the Bradleys representative will ask for feedback on the property before you leave. The agent will follow up your viewing as well within 24 hours

Should circumstances change between arranging the viewing and the actual viewing please make contact with us to discuss further.

Thank you for taking the time to read these guidelines.

Contact us to find out more...

Contact us to find out more...