Relocating in Later Life mainly work with people over the age of 50 , supporting them in every aspect of their move, whether to a Retirement Village, an Independent living apartment or Nursing Home. We also work with Probate Lawyers offering assistance to people that may have inherited a property and live in another part of the country or overseas, or they simply don’t have time to devote. In this instance we are there to help sort out the nitty gritty of selling furniture and preparing the house for sale. Whatever the circumstances, we are with you every step of the way.

Relocation in later life

As we grow older, our circumstances inevitably change often making it necessary to move house and downsize to a smaller, more manageable or perhaps a more accessible home.

When a house has been your home for a long time it is your family history. Every room will have decades of memories, each possession is precious, but downsizing inevitably means you can’t take everything with you.

At Relocating In Later Life, we completely understand how difficult the sorting process will be, but we have the patience and expertise to sit with you and sensitively help you to choose the most important things to take with you to your new home.

Often families contact us for help, even from overseas, because pressure of work, or distance make it difficult for them to do as much as they would like.

We welcome the involvement of families and friends to address all concerns.

Relocating In Later Life is a small company providing an expert service to smoothly co-ordinate and organise every aspect of the decluttering, and preparation of the old house for sale, to the compassionate transition and re- settlement of clients to their new home with everything familiar surrounding them.

Disposing of your old home

Disposing of your old home

We work with Bradleys Estate Agents to help sell your home and either find you a suitable smaller one, or relocate you, whether it be to a Retirement Village or a place of your choice depending on the level of care you might need.

We make it our business to know what is available in the area and what facilities each developer is providing.

We will employ cleaners to give a final clean through of your old house and a gardener if necessary to tidy the garden and dispose of all rubbish.

Basically we will ensure that everything possible is done to get the best price for your old home.

Prior to the move

Prior to the move

We will organise quotes from reputable removal companies. Provide boxes and packing supplies.

We will sit with you during the decluttering process, sensitively helping you to identify what you want to keep, what you want to give away, what you want to donate to charity and organise delivery or shipment of items to family members or friends.

We will arrange an independent professional valuation of precious items and arrange storage if required. Overnight accommodation for you and any pets can also be organised.

We will obtain floor plans of your new home, customise a plan in advance of where your furniture, pictures, lamps etc will go so that when you arrive it feels like home.

Moving day and afterwards

Moving day and afterwards

We will take care of all the mundane things like, reading meters and notifying utility providers, re-directing mail, and will advise important contacts such as doctors and solicitors etc of your change of address.

We will be at the new house when removal company arrives and will supervise and personally unpack your valuables and set up your home as planned.

We will be there beside you when you walk into your new home with your bed made up, your clothes in the wardrobe, your pictures on the wall and photos on display, kitchen organised, we will even get shopping in for you if you need us to.

Probate Matters... disposing of inherited estates

Probate Matters... disposing of inherited estates

If it is a case of handling a property left in a will, we will dispose of the contents on behalf of the relatives, getting valuations and sending to auction.

We will prepare the property for sale if required, maximising its value and potential, employing some of the skills above.

Relocating in Later Life provides a multi-faceted approach to the challenges of downsizing and disposal of property, whether it be from circumstances when an elderly person needs to move to a higher level of care or dealing with the death of a loved one where clearance of a property is involved.

The focus of the company is on sensitivity and respect for our clients, within an ethical framework, we welcome the involvement of relatives and families. We are expert, compassionate, and affordable.

What to do next...

Annie will come along to your home and meet with you for a free consultation which usually lasts for an hour or two. Family and friends are welcome to be present and we can jointly have a discussion on what your needs are and what either you or your family are willing to do. Annie will discuss the fee structure and you can decide what is appropriate for you.

Following the meeting, Annie will put together a plan, tailoring services to your needs, she will outline what Relocating In Later Life can do for you, outline the costs and when payments need to be made. Once agreed, you engage our services and we carefully go through a contract with you that you will need to sign. We then decide on a time frame and put things into motion.

Annie Durrant

Annie Durrant

Aims and ideals of the company...

To provide a personalised, client centred service, guided by the clients needs and preferences. Later Life Relocations UK.Ltd is committed to The NASMM code of ethics, maximising the Respect, Dignity and Autonomy of the older adults and families we serve.

Contact us to find out more...

Contact us to find out more...