Looking to sell the marital home as part of the divorce?

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Are you wanting to move on and get the house sold?

The decision has been reached to go your separate ways and so it’s time to start the process of moving on, so what should you do about selling your house after divorce? Whether you're selling a house after divorce or during the process, if a quick sale and obtaining the best price possible are key to your situation then the modern method of selling could well be the answer.


Q. Does my ex-partner need to be involved in all the decisions with the marketing of the property?

Each transaction will vary depending on what you have agreed between yourselves or potentially what the courts may have sanctioned should that be the case. Ultimately we will need to take instructions from both parties however, should we receive instructions from one party confirming that we can take instructions solely from the other then we can act accordingly. In the majority of cases we will deal with both parties equally.

Q. Does my ex-partner need to sign the contract to sell the house?

Yes, we will need any co-owners to agree to the terms and conditions when instructing us to sell a property before we can market a home.

Q. Do we both have to be present when we have potential buyers viewing the property?

This is up to you. We generally advise that homeowners aren’t present at all so that we can show people around and let them get a feel for the property without worrying about the owners, it allows them to relax in potentially what may be their new dream home.

We are able to provide you with a quick and easy way of selling a property with a fixed timescale so you know when the property will complete and any outstanding monies will be paid into your account.

If you said yes to even one of the three questions above then we could have the perfect answer for the sale your property; the modern method of selling! With years of experience of selling properties via the modern method of selling regardless of the circumstance, we have established a successful formula to provide you with the greatest chance of success.

This proven method of sale will typically secure a buyer within 28 days of marketing the property where the purchaser will then provide a non-refundable payment to gain their commitment with an exchange

of contracts following within the following 28 day period. Just prior to the exchange of contracts an agreed completion date will be set.

Before we go into any greater detail, it is essential that we inspect the property in question to ensure the suitability and also provide you with an accurate value that you should be looking to achieve. Please complete the below form and we will contact you to arrange our visit and get your property that bit closer to being sold.

Our modern method of selling is available from £594 plus VAT

4.89/ 5.0

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