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If time is of the essence and you want to know what to do if your house isn’t selling and you need to get a result with as little chance of buyers messing you around or delaying the sale, then we have the solution. We often hear ‘I want to sell my property fast!’, whether it’s currently marketed or not, the modern method of selling is designed for a quick result.


Q. How long will it take for me to get the money?

We will set timescales for each part of the process, which will enable us to give you an idea of how long it will be but each sale will vary depending on the buyers position and also the timescale that will suit you. For example if we set a 28 day deadline to receive offers and then once an offer is accepted, a further 28 days for the buyer to exchange contracts and agree on a 14 day completion thereafter you will be able to work out approximately how long it will take.

Q. Will the money come straight into my account?

As with any house sale the monies will be transferred from the buyers solicitors account to your solicitors account. It will then be down to you to agree with your law firm as to how you receive the monies from them. The most common way is to receive an electronic transfer, which is the quickest way.

Q. Will the house definitely sell?

As with any property there is no guarantee, however if you follow the guidance we give in terms of pricing and marketing strategy there is a very high chance that the property will sell. We will continue to update you throughout the process, which will allow us to change the marketing strategy should we need to.

Q. Would it be easier to sell the property to one of the quick sale companies I have seen advertising to buy a property quickly?

The simple answer is probably not. Of course we do not know your situation in detail however there are reasons why the ‘quick sale’ companies make lots of money. To find out more about these types of companies then read the article to explain further:

We are able to provide you with a quick and easy way of selling a property with a fixed timescale so you know when the property will complete and any outstanding monies will be paid into your account.

If you said yes to even one of the three questions above then we could have the perfect answer for the sale your property; the modern method of selling! With years of experience of selling properties via the modern method of selling regardless of the circumstance, we have established a successful formula to provide you with the greatest chance of success.

This proven method of sale will typically secure a buyer within 28 days of marketing the property where the purchaser will then provide a non-refundable payment to gain their commitment with an exchange

of contracts following within the following 28 day period. Just prior to the exchange of contracts an agreed completion date will be set.

Before we go into any greater detail, it is essential that we inspect the property in question to ensure the suitability and also provide you with an accurate value that you should be looking to achieve. Please complete the below form and we will contact you to arrange our visit and get your property that bit closer to being sold.

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