Vendor / Landlord guidance notes for accompanied viewings to their home (occupied property only)

Thank you for accepting a viewing on your property. At this time we are only accepting viewings from buyers who can proceed to purchase. Outlined below are a set of guidelines we hope that you can action just before the accompanied viewing will take place.

  1. As no viewings should take place at a property where the vendor is shielding, self-isolating or showing symptoms of Coronavirus please advise us prior to any viewing if any of the above circumstances apply.
  2. For your safety we are asking you as the vendor to remove yourself from the actual viewing either by moving into the garden or a location nearby. As a matter of course we will phone you 2 minutes before arriving and will let you know immediately once the viewing has finished.
  3. Please leave all internal doors open so that third party touching within your home is not required. Please cover or put away any food stuffs in a cupboard.
  4. Please ensure any loose pets are secured and ideally removed from the property for the duration of the viewing.
  5. All children if applicable must be vacant from the property and with yourself at the time of the viewing
  6. Our sales representative will not discuss the outcome of the viewing with you at your premises but will arrange to phone you as soon as is practical to give you feedback on the viewing.

For your reassurance we will be advising all viewers of the guidelines below before they view your home. These include

  • No more than two persons to view and no children
  • No touching of doors or surfaces when inside the property
  • Practice of the 2m social distancing rule at all times
  • No parking of cars or other means of transport at the premises
  • Use of face mask and gloves at all time during the viewing including the representative from Bradleys
  • Any surfaces or doors that accidentally are touched throughout the viewing the representative from Bradleys will use an antibacterial spray to neutralise the surface

If you foresee any problems with the above guidelines or indeed have any comments please let us know before the viewing event.

Thank you for taking the time to read these guidelines.

Contact us to find out more...

Contact us to find out more...