Do you want to sell the property when it needs work?

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Wanting to sell a property that needs some work?

Whether you haven’t got the time to do the work you wanted to, whether it is going to cost more than you had planned or simply have run out of motivation to do it. Are you selling a house with subsidence or maybe selling a house in a flood zone or just a trying to sell a damaged house. Perhaps you’re selling your parent’s home to pay for care? If you have a property that requires extensive work or is a little different from the ‘norm’ and you want to maximise the price then we have the answer for you and if you want to know what must be disclosed when selling a house, we will guide you through that too.


Q. Do we have to declare if my property has subsidence?

We believe in transparency and in addition the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trade Regulations 2008 also states it’s a requirement to disclose anything that may affect a potential buyers decision to purchase, which subsidence would be included in this. Therefore it must be declared.

Q. Can we market the property if it’s not habitable?

A property can be marketed in any condition, although we will have to be aware of any restrictions on access to the property should it be dangerous. We would of course discuss any restrictions prior to marketing and how we would overcome that during the marketing period.

Q. Can you tell me whether it is worth me finishing the work or to sell it in the current condition?

This isn’t a question where one answer will apply to all scenarios, however, it is often the case where it’s better to sell in the current condition as there is a reason why the work hasn’t been finished. There is often a strong demand for properties that can be improved and that way buyers can add their own style and taste whilst doing the work.

Q. Will people want to buy my property at a lower price if I haven’t finished the work?

We will always look to provide a valuation based on the current condition and therefore would explain that to any potential buyers when discussing the property with them. It is just as important to not over inflate the marketing price to allow for offers to come in as you may actually put more potential buyers off by doing so.

Q. Would it be easier to sell the property to one of the quick sale companies I have seen advertising top buy property quickly?

The simple answer is probably not. Of course we do not know your situation in detail however there are reasons why the ‘quick sale’ companies make lots of money. To find out more about these types of companies then read the article to explain further:

We are able to provide you with a quick and easy way of selling a property with a fixed timescale so you know when the property will complete and any outstanding monies will be paid into your account.

If you said yes to even one of the three questions above then we could have the perfect answer for the sale your property; the modern method of selling! With years of experience of selling properties via the modern method of selling regardless of the circumstance, we have established a successful formula to provide you with the greatest chance of success.

This proven method of sale will typically secure a buyer within 28 days of marketing the property where the purchaser will then provide a non-refundable payment to gain their commitment with an exchange

of contracts following within the following 28 day period. Just prior to the exchange of contracts an agreed completion date will be set.

Before we go into any greater detail, it is essential that we inspect the property in question to ensure the suitability and also provide you with an accurate value that you should be looking to achieve. Please complete the below form and we will contact you to arrange our visit and get your property that bit closer to being sold.

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