New website that is simply Boomin!

- Fri 09 Apr 2021

You may have seen the TV advert or heard the radio campaign, possibly come across the social posts but if you are yet to check the site out, perhaps now is a great time to do so!

This new generation of property platform was launched on Good Friday and offers far more than just a property index for home movers to utilise when going about their search for a new place to live. With features that enable you to find out about properties before they are officially marketed through to using the Property Playground – a cross between existing social platforms that allows you to not only create your own ‘boards’ with designs and styles that you may like but also to purchase those items, it looks like it could be a hit. Plus there are many more unique features that will inspire home movers.

To gain maximum benefit from the site it will help to set up your own profile, which requires some fairly basic information and doesn’t take long, then you will be able to enjoy the various features on offer. Whether you are looking to buy, sell or rent, or simply enjoy interior design and wish to create a wish list or ideas ahead of your own refurb, you will be off to a Boomin good start!

Check out the newest, most powerful property website here.