Every little bit really does help!

- Wed 05 Mar 2014

Estate Agents, as we all know, unfortunately do not have the best reputation. Having read an article recently it stated that in 2013 as an industry Estate Agents raised £13 million for charity. Not bad at all for a group with a so-called bad reputation!

Bradleys have always been involved in sponsoring the communities around us in a variety of different ways. In 2014 we have chosen to support The Pituitary Foundation, not only with a view to raising money for the charity but also to raise the awareness of this lesser known gland placed at the base of our brains. The fact that it controls our hormones is obviously a vital part of our day to day wellbeing. The fact not many of us know what it is also leads to the lack of diagnosis when people suffer from disorders affecting this pea sized gland.

In order to support this charity, Bradleys will be taking part in a variety of different fund raising measures throughout the South West and further afield! The staff in Bradleys have so far agreed to anything from cake sales to running a half marathon, from guessing the number of balloons in a car to going on a zip wire 1 mile long and 500 feet up! There is also a small matter of one of the Directors cycling between every one of Bradleys 33 offices covering Taunton to Penzance!

So if you wish to help us support this charity, feel free to perhaps tell someone about this condition or if you want to take it a step further then perhaps make a donation. Many of the Bradleys offices will be doing something that involves other participants so if you wish to get involved please call in to one of our offices for further information. Every little bit really does help!

Kai Logan - Bradleys Marketing Manager

Kai Logan
Bradleys Marketing Manager