Tour de Bradleys Q&A

- Thu 15 May 2014

Interview with Richard Greetham Bradleys Director about his forth coming charity challenge.

Please tell us all about the Tour de Bradleys and what this involves

The Tour de Bradleys is basically very much as it sounds, I am going to start in Taunton and cycle around all 33 offices, which I hope to complete within a week, at approximately 350 to 400 miles, depending on which route I take.

This seems a really long way, are you into cycling, and is this something you’ve done before?

No, I took up cycling a year ago with a view to training for this, and I have been training for a year, but sadly no amount of training can prepare you for some of the climbs and hills that Devon, Cornwall and Somerset can throw at you.

So which charity are you doing this for and why?

A year ago I was diagnosed with a Pituitary tumour, which came as rather a shock having had a five year period of feeling generally unwell, and struggling really to find out the cause of these feelings. Once the diagnosis had been made, the transition from feeling generally very unwell to complete recovery and feeling normal again was such a relief, I really felt that I had to do something for this unknown condition. The Pituitary Foundation are mainly an information and promotional charity that help people with pituitary conditions, their main aim is to raise awareness of the many conditions that are linked to the pituitary gland, which sits just beneath your brain. They are a small charity but do a fantastic job and really need the support and help, so that they are able to help people who have been undiagnosed like I was for many years, and raise awareness of some of the conditions that are linked.

So when does the charity ride start and how can we help with donations?

I start at the Taunton office on Saturday 21st June, and I will be cycling to Exmouth and Sidmouth and eventually to Head Office on day one, and then on day two I head out from Exmouth to Exeter and then to Crediton, Okehampton, Bovey Tracey and finishing in Buckfastleigh, then so on for the rest of the week until I complete my challenge. Donations, if you go to the charity web site ‘Just Giving’ and type in Richard Greetham, you will see the Tour de Bradleys link, then if you click donate the rest is fairly straightforward. However if you go into any of our 33 Bradleys offices, they have a Pituitary Foundation collection tin, and will be happy to collect your donation.

Is it just you alone raising money for the charity?

No, fortunately the company have taken The Pituitary Foundation as our company charity this year, we have already done a number of events such as The Plymouth Marathon and have others planned liked The Exeter Half Marathon, and a number of my colleagues are doing the longest zip wire ride, which is in Wales, it’s a mile long and you reach speeds of 100 miles an hour, which seems crazy to me, I would rather cycle 400 miles that do that, but that is also on the website.

Good luck with your challenge, if we wanted to wave you on and support you how would we know where you are going to be?

There will be live tracking feed which will be promoted on the Bradleys Estate Agents website, clearly on the home page, so that you will be able to look and see which office I am at, and also where I am in my ride, which will be great fun. I am also carrying a camera and will be updating the website with video edits and photographs, I shall also be tweeting and adding some comments to Facebook, which is the Bradleys Estate Agents Facebook page.

Richard Greetham - Director

Richard Greetham