3 ways to get your property market ready for 2022!

- Wed 22 Dec 2021

As a new year is upon us, many begin to think about what they want to achieve in the next year whether that’s a personal goal, a career progression or a new home!

If you are thinking of moving in the New Year and need to sell your home, the Christmas period is a great time to start on those jobs you have been putting off that could have a significant impact of the value of your home and maximising the saleability of your property. We have put together 3 simple ways of improving your home to consider when you are looking at selling.

  • 1- Your home needs to look as light airy as possible! Darker rooms generally look smaller than lighter ones and this can be a big turn off for potential buyers. We would suggest a fresh lick of paint, removing any heavy blinds and have your curtains tied back for any photos.
  • 2- Keeping the garden tidy. The front garden is the first thing that a potential buyer will see, so make sure that you give them a reason to smile straight away. Similarly, the back garden can be a deal breaker and an impressive outdoor space could set your home apart from the rest. Giving the lawn a fresh cut could make your garden feel bigger than it is, whilst also refreshing the colour of your fences or planting some flower beds to make it more appealing.
  • 3- A bathroom or Kitchen are the most expensive rooms for a buyer to upgrade. However, if you have made an effort to clean and declutter them, you’ll be giving potential buyers another reason to be positive about your home. By storing toiletries in your bathroom away where possible, cleaning your shower doors and putting the washing up away in the kitchen are just a few simple fixes that will make a world of difference!

Bradleys Estate Agents are always on hand to advise you if you would like a neutral opinion and particularly if you are looking to market your home, and with 30 offices across Devon, Somerset and Cornwall, Bradleys Estate Agents are also well placed to find your next home.

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