3 ways to sell your home during lockdown (and beyond)

- Wed 13 May 2020

Having been forced to stay at home, albeit for a very good reason, many of us have decided that our existing home is not where we want to live in the future. In fact many people that have contacted us since the lockdown began have made it clear they cannot get out of their home soon enough and whether it be because they want a garden, a study to work from home or closer to family members the list goes on, we are conducting daily virtual valuations with people crying out to get moved as soon as possible.

The question many of the desired home-movers have is; how are you going to sell my home whilst there is a risk of catching Covid-19? Well we are in a fortunate position here at Bradleys, where we have invested in not only having the best people but also the best technology and whilst none of us expected the current situation to have happened, it does mean we are set fairer than most to conduct our business and still achieve our clients moving goals.

In answer to the question here are the three main ways in which we are able to continue safely matching buyers with their dream homes during this unprecedented time (and the likelihood is, it will be beyond the lockdown too);

  1. Essentially you will need to show a potential buyer as much of your home as possible so they can ensure it is suitable for their needs. Right now the most popular way for buyers to do this is via our virtual tours and videos. The technology available not only makes your home look amazing but it enables buyers to tour around your home from the comfort of their armchair. They can revisit all the areas of importance to them or the key features of your home at their leisure.
  2. Should your home not be accessible due to the restrictions in place we are currently promoting alternative ways of showing buyers around; namely a recorded tour of your home. If you have access to a camera with video recording capability (a smartphone will suffice), we will provide you with a guide of how best to record a video and once you are reasonably happy with the recording, how to send it across to us so that we can use it to show potential buyers.
  3. Whilst we are used to coordinating hundreds of viewings every day, now we are coordinating virtual viewings instead. Using our chosen video platform we will create an appointment for both you and the buyer to join a video appointment with one of our team where we will talk a potential buyer through your home whilst you tour us around using your smartphone/tablet or similar. We will be able to control the audio settings, we can raise questions or ask to revisit certain features and at the end we will arrange to speak to the viewer after a short period in order to gain feedback, which we will then report back to you.

Adapting to change in our daily lives is not something any of us particularly like, although I think there are many positives to be taken from a negative situation and in this instance the ability for buyers to see properties from a very social distance has been key for many people.

The use of videos/video calling technology has kept many of us 'in front' of our closest family and friends, it has brought others together after a long time apart and regardless of how, for many it almost has become the new 'norm' and is here to stay. We are now of course able to conduct face to face appointments again and if that is your preference we will of course be pleased to oblige.

Whether now or maybe in the weeks and months ahead, should you be looking to change your home, we would love to help. Whether buying, selling or letting contact your local Bradleys Team and we will advise you on the best way to sell/let your home and all of the options available to you in the safest way possible.