31%+ homes unknowingly undersold!

- Mon 26 Apr 2021

This could be the reality in what is currently an extraordinary property market place. Bradleys research show that the intense imbalance in supply not meeting buying demand, meaning house price increases, is not being addressed by many agents in the market place at valuation stage.

Two contributory factors are at play:

1) The method used by many agents researching historical lower price data when valuing your home is out of date and therefore faulty.

2) Many homes are attracting multiple buyer interest and only achieve near or the asking price. Is this good enough?

As a seller you need an agent who understands this market place. Many agents haven’t been around long enough to understand the strategies required to maximise your home selling price. When was the last time we experienced a sellers’ market like this? We believe these market conditions are here to stay for some time in the South West.

Don’t be under sold. Talk to us. We have the strategies and the experience to get the very best for you in terms of value. Our teams are waiting for your call.